Safe ingredients and environmental thinking all the way

Long inherited knowledge in nutrition and health

We base our product development on the latest innovation in combination with long inherited knowledge in nutrition and health. We are based in Falun and all our product development takes place in Sweden, where our focus is always that our products must be designed and produced with safe ingredients of the highest quality.

Production in Europe

Our production takes place exclusively in Europe in reputable factories. In this way, we ensure that production complies with European laws on the use of ingredients, emissions and working conditions. By having the manufacturing in the local area, we ensure a close collaboration with our factories and that all ingredients are well controlled. Closer production also means shorter transport distances to our warehouse in Falun.

  • 100% of our cans are made from recyclable PET plastic.
  • 100% of our product development takes place in Sweden.
  • 100% of our production takes place in Europe.
  • 100% of our online orders are packed in recyclable material.

We protect the environment
We are constantly working to create new ones Smart solutions for the environment. Do not throw away your jar because it's over! Now you can order home your favorite supplements in Refill bags and reuse your jar several times Cheaper for you and better for the environment
Discover refills

Your favorite supplements in refill packaging straight to your mailbox

Although our cans are made of 100% recyclable PET plastic, we think they are a little too good (and pretty) to be thrown away and recycled after just one use.

We have therefore developed smart and environmentally friendly refill bags which, with their flat design and light weight, are easy to send as a consignment note. The bag is also made of 80% less plastic than our cans and you can easily refill your existing can with new capsules and tablets.

Flexible design that can be resealed

A+ refill pouches can also be resealed and used daily, while keeping the contents safe – if you want to use pouches instead of cans in your supplement supply at home or when you're traveling, for example.

Easy home in the mailbox

With their flat design and light weight, the refill bags are sent as registered mail.

Made in 80% less space

Our recyclable refill bags are made from 80% less plastic than our cans.

The bags can be resealed

Perfect to take with you if you're out and about and want to have a package with you that takes up less space!

By reducing the number of cans and packaging materials, we can together reduce our climate footprint even further, which is good for both you, us and our planet.