About us

You know your body - we know dietary supplements

We make it easier to feel good

We know that it can be difficult to maintain health through all phases of life and during the different seasons of the year. It can be about, for example, colds, stress, energy, hormones, travel, environmental changes, diet and age changes. A+'s vision is to help you make it easier to feel good.

With A+, you get food supplements that are easy to understand, have high quality, are affordable and created based on an environmental mindset. Our concentrated formulas of safe ingredients do what they say on the tin and most importantly – do the job for your health.

Dietary supplements adapted to needs

Our vision Add life to Science is about putting your needs in focus and simplifying the experience of choosing nutritional supplements that are right for you. There is a plethora of different dietary supplements on the market – sometimes with complicated names, long scientific texts and ingredient lists that can be difficult to understand.

We want to make dietary supplements more understandable and guide you in a simple way to the right products for you to feel good. So that you can eat the supplements you need - no more. That's why we develop a wide range of nutritional supplements adapted to needs, designed to support and strengthen your health through all stages of life.

Through our website and chat support, we answer questions and share our knowledge through tips, articles and inspiration.

In order to individually adapt our recommendations to you, we have developed a needs test . In the needs test, you answer questions about your body and your needs, then we give recommendations and tips. The most common question we get is namely: "Which supplements do I need?" ".

Our vision Add life to Science is about to put your needs in focus and simplify the experience of choosing the right dietary supplement. More than half of ours assortment is vegan and all ours dietary supplements are produced with safe ingredients of the highest quality.

Color coded with well thought out design

A+ nutritional supplements are color-coded to make it easy for you to know which area of need they belong to and what they can help your health with. With the minimalist and clean design, we also want you to feel like you can have the products in front of your home (rather than hiding them out of sight and then forgetting to take them). Health routines don't have to be boring and cumbersome. With the help of innovation and design, we make it simple and smooth.

We are experts in dietary supplements and want to be here for you. We want to inspire people of all ages to find a more balanced and healthy lifestyle.

40 years of experience

A+ is developed by Alpha Plus - one of Sweden's first and leading food supplement companies that was started 40 years ago. Alpha Plus is known for its high quality and is available for purchase via e-commerce, pharmacies and health shops throughout the country and is the first choice for many of Sweden's nutritional therapists. In other words, A+ rests on 40 years of experience in developing high-quality nutritional supplements based on the latest science in nutrition and health.