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The purpose of this cookie policy is to describe in a clear and transparent way how A+, limited company Alpha Plus AB with reg. no. 556273-2312, uses cookies ("cookies") on our website .

About cookies and similar technologies

Cookies refer to a text file that is saved when connecting to a website on your computer or other device such as a mobile phone and tablet. As a visitor, you can view, block and remove stored cookies on your device if desired.

When we refer to cookies in this policy, other technologies and tools that retrieve and store information in your browser are also covered. In some cases, these technologies and tools pass on to third parties in a way similar to cookies.


By law, we must obtain your consent before using cookies that are not necessary for your visit. We obtain your consent via our cookie banner by checking that you approve our use of cookies.

Necessary cookies

These cookies are necessary for the website to function securely and correctly. Necessary cookies do not require consent and do not need to be approved by the visitor. It is therefore not possible to turn off or deny such cookies.

Analysis and function

These cookies provide information about how the website is used, which means an opportunity to improve the visitor's user experience. There are also features that allow the website to remember your settings. Cookies for analysis and functionality must be approved by the visitor, and consent can be withdrawn at any time by deactivating cookies in the browser settings (see below how to do this). If the visitor chooses not to accept cookies, however, the website's functionality and performance may deteriorate because some functions are dependent on cookies. A block may therefore mean that the website's services do not function as they should.


These cookies enable personalized and relevant ads based on the visitor's browsing behavior. The information collected can also be combined with other customer and traffic data available about the visitor. Cookies in this category are used for profiling and targeted marketing.

Storage times

Cookies can have three different storage times:

  • The session ends, that is, until the visitor closes the browser.
  • Some time limitation, that is, there is a predetermined storage time for the specific cookie.
  • For the time being, that is, the cookie is stored until the visitor deactivates/blocks it.

Cookies on this website

The website currently uses cookies that are necessary, cookies for marketing and cookies for analysis.

Third-party tools and transfer to third countries

The use of the above cookies involves a transfer of your personal data to a country outside the EU/EEA ("third country"). The avoidance of the cookies specified below means that the personal data can be transferred primarily to the United States. In the United States, the EU's data protection regulation (GDPR) does not apply, which means increased risk exposure for your personal data, among other things in terms of the opportunities for authorities in the United States to gain access to the personal data and your opportunities to exercise your rights as a data subject. For more information about what a transfer to a third country means and your rights, please refer to our Privacy Policy.
The Facebook pixel

When you visit our website, we collect personal data through the Facebook pixel, which is a code placed on the website. The pixel records the visitor's action on the website to analyze how visitors and customers use the website. The recorded actions can then be used to reach customers through targeted marketing. Through the use of the pixel on the website, this means that the data collected is shared with Facebook and thus with third countries.

Management of cookies in your settings

Further information on how to turn off cookies (revoke your consent) can be found in the instructions for your browser.

About our personal data processing

For more information about your rights and how we protect your privacy, please see our Privacy Policy.

If you have any questions or comments regarding what information we process and how it happens, you can contact us at .

Last updated 2023-02-01