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A+ Zinc Refill
A+ Zinc Refill

A+ Zinc Refill

Immune system Vegan

A+ Zinc in flexible and recyclable refill bag.

Zinc is a vital mineral that makes the body function as it should. The mineral is found in much of what we eat and it sounds brilliant. However, the body may find it difficult to absorb enough of the zinc that you get through the diet, and therefore it may be good to add it in other ways. A+ Zinc contains a type of zinc in easily absorbable forms [ 1 ] which, together with a nutritious diet, gives you good conditions for a strong immune system [ 2 , 3 , 4 ] . And it doesn't just sound brilliant, it is.

  • For the immune system, skin and hair
  • Contains 25 mg of organic zinc per capsule
  • Refill bag made from 80% less plastic
  • The bag can also be resealed and used daily, while the contents are kept safe
  • 100 capsules which is enough for 3 months of consumption

A+ Zinc Refill

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Three easily absorbable forms of zinc

A+ Zinc consists of three easily absorbable forms of zinc with zinc citrate , zinc gluconate and zinc bisglycinate . Each capsule provides a whopping 25 mg of organic zinc. Zinc is an essential mineral [ 5 ] which, among other things, contributes to the normal functioning of the immune system and to maintaining normal hair, normal nails, normal skin and normal eyesight [ 2 ] .

A vital mineral

Zinc is a vital mineral involved in almost 100 different body functions where it acts as a cofactor in more than 40 different important enzyme reactions [ 6 ] . The body of an adult human contains 2–4 grams of zinc and most of the zinc is found in the skeleton, muscles and skin [ 6 ] .

Zinc contributes, among other things, to the normal function of the immune system, to protecting the cells against oxidative stress and to normal cognitive function [ 2 ] . Zinc also contributes to maintaining normal bone structure, normal hair, normal nails, normal skin and normal eyesight [ 2 ] .

Zinc also contributes to maintaining normal testosterone levels in the blood, to normal metabolism of macronutrients, to normal carbohydrate metabolism, to normal metabolism of fatty acids and to normal metabolism of Vitamin A [ 2 ] .

One of the minerals that is most difficult for the body to absorb from food

Zinc is one of the minerals that is most difficult for the body to absorb from food, and the body also has difficulty mobilizing a possible supply of zinc [ 6 ] . It can therefore be good to supplement a nutritious diet with A+ Zinc, which contains zinc in easily absorbable forms.

Table of Contents

Bulking agent (microcrystalline cellulose), zinc (zinc citrate, zinc gluconate, zinc bisglycinate), stabilizer (magnesium salts of fatty acids). Capsule (veg. hydroxypropylmethylcellulose).



25 mg


*Daily Reference Intake (DRI)


21.3 x 7.5 mm

Daily dosage

1 capsule daily


Swallow with water


Taken with a meal

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Questions and answers

A+ Zinc consists of three organic and easily absorbed forms of zinc, namely zinc citrate, zinc gluconate and zinc bisglycinate.
Zinc deficiency is one of the most common mineral deficiencies among Swedes and also one of the minerals that the body has the hardest time absorbing from food. Common signs of zinc deficiency can be impaired cognitive function, brittle nails, dry skin, recurrent infections, an upset stomach or impaired senses such as smell and taste.
Yes! This product, along with 70% of the A+ range, is vegan.
Yes, A+ Zinc is fine to take in connection with pregnancy. However, it may be good to consider that A+ Zinc contains a higher dosage of zinc and that you may therefore need to be careful when combining it with other products that also contain zinc. To ensure that you get the vitamins and minerals that are particularly important for pregnant women, our recommendation is therefore to consider instead taking A+ Multi Vitamin which also contains zinc but is more of a complete nutritional supplement.
This is very unlikely because the product does not contain any of the allergens required to be labeled within the EU.
Yes, these capsules can be emptied of contents. Mix the powder with water, juice or in a smoothie. You can also sprinkle the contents over your meal.
If you follow the daily recommended dose, you can take the product for a longer period without a break.
Anytime, preferably with a meal.