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A+ Relaxing Kit
A+ Relaxing Kit

A+ Relaxing Kit

Muscles Sleep Vegan

Maximum relaxation and recovery was here! A+ Magnesium helps your muscles and joints to relax and slow down.

For extra relaxation, light A+ Scented Candle Relax , a scented candle with a soothing scent of leather, sun-ripened figs and Italian spices.

A+ Relaxing Kit

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For the curious

Questions and answers

Since magnesium has a relaxing effect and is an important mineral for our muscles and our nervous system, tense muscles, muscle spasms, muscle or nerve twitching can be typical signs of a magnesium deficiency. Problems with sleep can also be a sign of that you have too low a level of magnesium.
Yes! This product, along with 70% of A+'s other range, is vegan.
Yes, A+ Magnesium is fine to take in connection with pregnancy. Our recommendation to you who pregnant is to ensure that you get a healthy and nutritious diet and preferably in combination with an active lifestyle and well-selected nutritional supplements. In addition to A+ Magnesium, we also recommend A+ Multi Vitamin as a way to ensure that you get the vitamins and minerals which are particularly important for pregnant women.
Yes, these capsules can be emptied of contents. Mix the powder with water, juice or in a smoothie. You can also sprinkle the contents over your meal.
A+ Magnesium is best taken on in the evening because Magnesium can have a relaxing effect, which in turn can result in better sleep for some. also completely free of paraffin, palm oil and other additives. A+ Scented candles are made by hand with great precision.