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A+ Immunity Kit
A+ Immunity Kit

A+ Immunity Kit

Immune system

The immune system is tested every day and works hard to keep us healthy, but sometimes it may need a little help on the trot. The products in this kit can help with that!

Vitamin C, vitamin D and zinc are all three important for both the body and the immune system to function normally. Give your immune system a little extra boost with the A+ Immunity Kit.

A+ Immunity Kit

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For the curious

Questions and answers

Yes, A+ Immune Kit is fine to take in connection with pregnancy. However, it may be good to consider that A+ Zinc contains a higher dosage of zinc and that you may therefore need to be careful when combining it with other products that also contains zinc. To ensure that you get the vitamins and minerals that are particularly important for pregnant women, our recommendation is therefore to consider instead taking A+ Multi Vitamin which also contains zinc but is more of a complete nutritional supplement.
It here is very unlikely because the product does not contain any of the allergens required to be labeled within the EU.
If you follow the daily recommended dose, you can take the product for a longer period without a break. The need for vitamin D in the form of dietary supplements is mainly during the months September to May in Sweden. During the summer months, the amount of vitamin D that you get from the sun is usually sufficient, provided that you expose large parts of your skin to the sun for at least 30 minutes every day.
Anytime, feel free together with meal.