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A+ Home Kit
A+ Home Kit

A+ Home Kit

Energy Accessories Vegan

Get your home in the right mood! A+ Scented Candle Relax is a scented candle with a calming scent that is advantageously placed in bathrooms, bedrooms or other places where you want to be able to relax.

However, you should place A+ Energizing Sticks in places where you want a fresh, invigorating scent!

A+ Home Kit

Regular price 625 kr Sale price 599 kr

For the curious

Questions and answers

A+ Scented Candle has a burning time of approx. 60 hours.
A+ Scented Candle is made from natural wax from soybeans and coconut and is also completely free of paraffin, palm oil and other additives. A+ Scented Candle is made by hand with great care.
Using incense sticks is easy and means you don't have to worry about any burning flame. Just place the incense sticks in the accompanying glass jar filled with oil and then enjoy your fragrant home!