Well-selected nutrients for male performance

A+ Man Boost contains carefully selected nutrients for male performance. It contains, among other things ZMA which is a combination of magnesium , zinc and vitamin B6 and is popular in supplements for men who exercise and want to ensure adequate levels of these important minerals. Zinc is important for testosterone levels, fertility and protein synthesis, magnesium is above all important for muscle health and contributes together with vitamin B6 to normal energy metabolism and to reducing fatigue and exhaustion [ 1 ] .

A+ Man Boost also contains the well-known herbs fenugreek and beggar's nut with a rich content of saponins, as well as rose root and maca, both of which are valued for their positive properties.

Fenugreek is a well-known herb in both Ayurveda and traditional Chinese medicine [ 2 ] . The herb's main active ingredient is so-called steroidal saponins, and the herb has been linked in some studies and in traditional use to supporting men's masculinity, likely by supporting their own testosterone levels [ 3 ] , helping with fat metabolism [ 4 ] and increasing sexual ability [ 3 , 5 ] in middle-aged and elderly men.

The beggar's nut is also rich in saponins and has become a popular ingredient above all in food supplements that have the purpose of supporting testosterone levels, promoting libido (desire ) [ 6 , 7 ] and the sexual capacity [ 5 , 6 ] .

Rose root also called "Nordic ginseng", is a well-known herb that has been used as a medicinal plant for over 5000 years. Its main areas of use are to help with impaired performance [ 8 ] , support concentration [ 9 ] , the circulatory system [ 10 ] as well as the potency [ 8 ] .

Maca is a type of root vegetable originating from the high plateaus of the Andes mountain range in Peru and has been used traditionally for thousands of years. Global demand for maca products has increased in recent years, likely due to the plant being linked to libido and fertility promoting properties [ 11 , 12 ] as well as mental performance, endurance and sense of vitality [ 13 ] .

Black pepper extract contributes to increased bioavailability and absorption of nutrients, especially minerals.

For normal testosterone levels

Testosterone is the dominant male sex hormone. The man's production of testosterone decreases with age and as the hormone is important for the man's well-being and performance, it is important to take care of the body in the best possible way. A+ Man Boost is therefore developed for men aged 35 and over.

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